Dance Physiotherapy

Dancers offer a unique challenge to healthcare professionals. Between turnout, pointe shoes, flexibility and all that allegro, we ask our bodies to do some pretty crazy and wonderful things! Seeing a physiotherapist who understands the language and demands of the dance world can make a significant difference in the rehabilitation of an injury.

If you are a dancer dealing with an injury, I will create a dance-specific conditioning plan to keep you on track and back into the studio. In fact, I’ll do everything I can to keep you from leaving the studio in the first place! Taking a full rest from dance is rarely the answer to recovering from an injury. It’s important to include general conditioning in your treatment plan to make sure your whole body stays in dancing shape.

But, you don’t have to wait until you’re injured to see a dance physiotherapist! I also see dancers who are looking to prevent injury or work on specific performance goals: increasing flexibility, increasing turnout, improving extensions and pre-pointe conditioning.

It’s crucial to have the student and teacher on the same page when a dancer is dealing with an injury! With your consent, I can send updates to your teachers letting them know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do in class. I can answer any questions they may have and take the guessing game out of the rehab process for both of you.